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Yogi Bhajan: Sėkmingas Vyras

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The Successful Man

Excerpts from Man to Man: A Journal of Discovery for the Conscious Man

Either you shall be successful or you were born to be miserable. There are no two ways about it. That’s how powerful success is ingrained in you. You are not afraid to succeed; you just don’t want to succeed because you have never enjoyed what success is. There is no substitute for success and to succeed there is only one thing to do. When there are emotions and feelings in the way, jump over. Just remember, emotions and feelings are yours, but performance is also yours—and performance has to be perfect. Don’t let your emotions and your feelings and your fears and your needs detour your performance. Let it not be diluted or polluted. Your life is meant to succeed. The power of success is such that, if not in this lifetime, somewhere else, some other time, somewhere you must succeed. The purpose of the soul is to feel success and experience it and be satisfied. That’s the price it paid for separation from God.

When emotions and feelings take over priority in work you are doomed. You have no place. Tons of money and millions of friends and extreme power in your position, and still you shall be the most unhappy and upside down human being. Work is not for anything but to prove success. The whole system that is you is geared toward one point: Work to prove success. Not to prove to anybody else; but to prove to you. Work is an experience of self-success. Whenever you work with the attitude that work is an experience of self-success, you shall be successful. It is your elementary right. There is but one God and that is success through the experience of your work. Your work, your experience, and your success are a manifestation of you and, within you, of God. It should be your primary achievement, because it’s your primary right.

When the internal block of ego communicates with emotion, it doesn’t matter how wise or how great you are, you become self-destructive; and whenever your ego and your intelligence come together, you shall become successful. It doesn’t matter who you are. Your ego is like the common wire of a toggle switch; your emotions and your intelligence are the two opposite poles. It is just a matter of blocking the current to one pole and allowing it to flow to the other.

You don’t have to hassle to be successful. You just have to flow with the energy of life. Just being alive is successful. Just live and once you live, let others live. You will create such goodwill, everything will come to you. Live, let live. Live, let live. Every life, all energy will be with you because you are a living energy.“

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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