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Yogi Bhajan Paskaita: Tu esi Tu. Megaukis tuom.

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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: You Are You. Enjoy It.

Excerpts from a lecture given on October 24, 1991, in Santa Fe, NM

It is very difficult to comprehend why there is a problem in life. It’s a simple answer: because you do not know you.

That’s what Nanak said. He said in the beginning, in the middle, in the end, there is nothing but you, and all you can do is to know you. Once you know you, everybody will know you.

If you don’t know you, even with all the wealth and friendship and power, you are miserable. You live in Santa Fe—if you do not know where your home is and you get lost, how miserable you can be.

The question is simple and that question is like a hanging sword on you: under all circumstances, can you contain yourself? If a car is a car, when you apply the brake, does it stop where it should stop? Your car has a transmission and when you change the gears, it works out what the situation is: uphill, downhill. Do you have a live steering wheel that you can steer your car through every street, every bend, through every signal, through every light? If you expect your car to do it for you, don’t you understand your soul wants the same thing from you? That’s the relationship between you and your soul. Where is my soul? It is everywhere within you.

Suppose you have a stick shift and you can shift. You can make it happen. What is the problem we all have? Is religion our problem? No. Is our belief our problem? No. Is our faith our problem? No. As humans we have problem? No. Is this planet is our problem? No. Our problem is that we do not know when to change gears from first to fourth; when to apply reverse and when to go forward. That is where our problem is.

Our problem is not with our emotions and feelings. Our problem is with our consciousness and who is conscious of who? I am not asking you to be the consciousness of being Divine and praying. That won’t work. I am asking you to be conscious of your own self. Feel your own feelings. You want to judge; judge your own feeling. Know your own feeling. You want a relative? Relate to your own feeling. Don’t go beyond you. There is nothing beyond you: nothing was, nothing is, nothing shall be. When you are born, you are you. The life you are going through, you are going through. I am not going through your life. And even I try, I can’t.

Nobody is me, nobody was me, nobody shall be me. I am I am. You know your right hand thumbprint—that is your car registration number. It will never change. Entire criminology depends on that one little right thumb. Right thumb remains right thumb; that imprint is yours. Can anybody’s right thumb be yours? No. Will it ever change? No. You are a registered human being, a registered creature in this creation and nothing shall change.

Man does not live by his knowledge. You have been made stupid by books in the libraries, colleges and universities. You do not live by your knowledge. You do not live by your vitality, consciousness, intelligence, nothing. You live by your inner core. When there is an inner core, your vitality inside will match up outside and you’ll grab virtues like this. Then vices won’t come near you, virtues will. Question is who visits you, vices or virtues?

If you have done wrong, the question is how fast can you correct yourself? If you are very foolish, the question is how immediately can you turn your foolishness to wisdom? How quickly you can prove that you have conquered your own foolishness? If you are hurt, the question is how long can you ride over it? If you are impotent, question is how fast can you become potent? If you are very nervous, question is how fast can you become strong? What is the answer?

What you think you have is not true. Not your face, not your makeup, nor hairdo nor your clothes. That’s all on sight. What you say is all on hearing; what you kiss and hug is all on touch. What you deal, wheel and the circumstances you create, that’s all your security. But what works for you is, at what frequency you project your identity and how your nucleus works. And that is the little stone in the center of your brain called pineal. It is the Lord of the Seventh Chakra. That little pineal is the center of radiation clockwise and counterclockwise. On that your pituitary is commanded to secrete.

You are what your projection is. At what caliber can you hit? It doesn’t matter how wise you are. It doesn’t matter how gracious you are. It doesn’t matter how stupid you are. At what frequency you project—that’s important. At what rate and what velocity and what capacity is the caliber of your psyche? That you cannot create; that you have to develop. You can’t kill an elephant with bee-bee gun. And if you take a heavy caliber and hit a pigeon, you will get a few feathers—there will be nothing.

Anybody who is great, we make him a hero and worship him. Why don’t you learn that you have the same soul? Why don’t you worship yourself? Why do you worship God? Why are you bugging God? For what?

Why are we all doing this childish game? Because the caliber of our psyche does not match with the caliber of our being. That’s the whole thing. We are not sophisticated. We are not subtle about ourselves—that’s the problem. The problem is not what others are telling us; the problem is what we are telling ourselves.

It’s a very vital issue in your life to understand once and for all where is the problem of unhappiness? If you cannot diagnose and cannot spot it, you can never solve it. You are very arrogant and ignorant of yourself and your self is all you have. You keep on coming to my classes once a week but I don’t ask you to come to my class, I want you to become a class yourself—that’s the fight. Sometime people say, “We don’t like you.” Yeah, I know you don’t, but I like myself. You may not like me, but I like myself. You may not know me, but I know myself.

Look at the people. They are looking for happiness—everybody—me, you, all of us, and we have happiness inside. I have an emerald in my pocket and I am looking in the street with a torch. I am never going to find it. Nobody says, “You have found it, now keep it.” Nobody says, “You are you. Enjoy it.”

Your life is for you. Find it out. You are for yourself and that is all God is about. Whether you are super rotten or no rotten; you are super Divine or no Divine, it doesn’t matter, folks. How to feel that consciousness and how to create a caliber—that’s all we are going to work on.

Everything can be proven wrong but one thing nobody can prove wrong is self-experience. That’s all Infinity is: your own experience about yourself. That’s all that matters in this life. Have courage. Bring yourself back to yourself. It’s a state of mind, a state of being human. You don’t have to write and read and hassle and do all that. All that matters in you is your caliber and with what vitality you can project your nucleus. And the nucleus of a person is based on a little stone in the brain called pineal, and that radiates clockwise and counterclockwise.

Your brain has the capacity to control thirty trillion living cells. Your brain has the capacity to control it, nurture it and change it. That’s with you. Now, how intuitive you are, that affects how happy you are. How imaginative you are, that affects how miserable you are. Because when you are imagining and you are in your imagination, you are miles away from the reality. With your intuition, you are in your reality because intuition tells you what truth is tomorrow. Imagination tells you what can be a tomorrow. What is going to be a tomorrow or can be a tomorrow are two different things, and that’s where our problem is. My mind can remember all yesterday, my mind can remember today, my mind can only imagine tomorrow, but my intuition can tell me what my tomorrow will be.

You have to become a partner with your own soul. The sole purpose of this life is to understand your own soul.

If God cannot make anything better than you, then He can’t. Accept it. Accept the fact you are you. Question is, are you expanding with your vitality or not? Do you have self-trust or not? Do you have self-excellence or not? Do you have self-esteem or not? That is the deciding factor. There is nothing to discuss about you. You can get a nose job done, a face lift and those kinds of things. That makes no difference. You can spend five thousand dollars to become a little pretty for a while and look young. You talk for three minutes and you look stupid. What will that youth mean? Nothing.

Question is how much you know yourself and how much you expand yourself and how much you project yourself, and with what velocity, with what caliber, with what capacity and with what continuity? It’s not the mood which makes your life, it’s the behavior. Mood is, now you are angry, next minute you are not. You are happy, you are unhappy—these are all moods. It’s not your thought which matters; not your feelings; not your emotions—it is your character. Your character will show the characteristic of your personality; whether you can contain against temptation and weakness and tragedy and calamity and be you. That’s the test of life.

Tests are not just storytelling. Test is, when it comes to face to face, do you have a face or are you a faceless person, that’s all. Forget about God and temple and churches and prayers and meditations and services—they are all tools. Without tools a person is a fool. When it comes face to face do we have a face? Do I have my own face or am I faceless? That’s the deciding factor, the rest is all gimmick.

There shall be a day in your life when you have to face your own face; where you have to show your own face; where you have to be you, nothing else. And how many times does that time come in your life? Every minute is that one. It’s not later, it’s not at somebody’s instigation. It is not in some circumstances. Every minute you pass in your life, you face yourself. As long as you live, it’s a continuous process. Whether you study with me or you don’t study with me, doesn’t make any difference. I don’t teach anything. All I teach is to put you in you, so that you can have it. Kundalini Yoga is a science to make you as you.

There is only one game: you have to be you. And that’s not enough. You have to come through as you. As long as you do not find you, yourself, everything else you find is useless. If you cannot relate to your own soul, every other relation is hopeless.

With your own hands get your job done for yourself by yourself. God is within you, alive, one piece, perfect. When God will leave you, you’ll end up in a box called coffin. As long as God is in you, you are breathing breath of life—Pavan. So don’t even find yourself; just be yourself. That’s easier.

A human must have a capacity to find out the depth of truth in you. If you do not know truth within you, you are out for trouble. I can’t help it. It is as simple and as truthful as it can be.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

This lecture can be found in the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

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